You have found the place for a mini retreat.
Renew here.
Close your eyes, take a few moments out of your busy life and get a therapeutic massage where you can absolutely relax and just….BE.

Here, it is a quiet serene space for you to escape, intended to nurture

the healing potential of each individual.

My hope is that You will be touched by a trinity.
Mentally, Spiritually and Physically


Naturally, every system of your body will be effected and benefit from the natural effects of massage:

      • Reduce muscle stiffness and stress
      • Build neuromuscular memory
      • Aid in repair of injured tissues
      • Improve skin nutrition
      • Regulate metabolism
      • Boost the immune system
      • Increase relaxation, sleep quality and energy
      • Increase concentration and circulation
      • Decrease stress, anxiety, fatigue and pain.



Choose the therapy of your choice:

I will provide a treatment plan that is customized to address your specific needs. Time and attention to detail will be spent on the most important issues.

Swedish – Therapeutic relaxation using soft, gentle strokes and very light pressure.

Deep Tissue – Not so relaxing, pressure can be deep and intense. Used to get muscles to release tension.

Hot Stone – Basalt stones heated and oiled , a spa treatment including aromatherapy of choice. A wonderful escape that takes you a world away.

HONEY TREATMENT – Rich in antioxidents, warm honey will be poured on your back and you will be massaged and treated with tapotement and the SWEET treat of natural honey, and will be melted away with hot towels!
Trigger Point – An exceptionally powerful tool in which focused deep pressure is applied on palpable tiny trigger points which refer pain to other areas of the body. Safe, effective and comfortable techniques for great pain relief, performance enhancement and rehabilitation. Involves proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, post-isometric relaxation, stretches and exercises to enhance massage technique.

Pregnancy – For the Mother-to-be! Swedish relaxation along with fluffy pillows and aromatherapy of choice. Must have your Doctor’s approval if a high risk pregnancy.

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